A Review of using GOAT to Buy and Sell Your Sneakers

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With many platforms out there with varying amounts of legitimacy, navigating the world of selling shoes can prove overwhelming for beginners.

Today we will focus on the GOAT Group’s app, which is best for speedy, low hassle selling of current day hype shoes. We’ll go over all the different aspects that involve using the app, including reputation, making a listing and shipping out your shoes. Finally we’ll wrap with a pros and cons list.

GOAT: The Greatest of All Time

logo for GOAT App
GOAT’s logo from their website

Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, GOAT (that is, Greatest Of All Time) in 2019 is making major moves and is a platform you need to get on as a shoe reseller.

It’s way less complicated than eBay is, and has tons of helpful data.

If you were able to get the shoes in person on the day of the release, I recommend using GOAT as from my experience, people buy in a higher volume on the release day on trusted platforms like GOAT and StockX.

You can also sometimes list the shoes for a higher price than eBay, although in the case of StockX and as a new GOAT seller, the fees will probably work out to be slightly higher than if you were to sell on eBay.

Reputation on GOAT

seller rating goat reputation scale commission
The Seller Rating Scale on GOAT dictates your commission level

For the lowest fees and best listing options, you maintain a seller reputation of 100 or above. You’re penalized every time your shoe arrives not as described or if you take longer than 2 business days to send out your kicks. Commission is set at 9.5%, but can go to 15% pretty quickly and even as high as 20% if you’re a flake too often, so be warned about this before using the app. Look on the right to see how quickly just a few failed sales can bring you down to the 15% and the 20% commission rate.

Making a GOAT listing

When you go on the app for the first time, you’ll find a tab that has a price tag, and after you click that you’ll see a big button that says “Sell Your Sneakers”“.

You’ll need to simply look up the SKU or model number for the kicks you want to sell, which you’ll see either on the shoe tag if it’s a Nike or on the box if it’s adidas.

They’ll ask you some questions about the condition of the shoe, and a word of precaution is to be 100% honest because if you send out a pair of shoes and they show up to not be in a condition that was not as described (like if you wore them even a little bit or if the box is damaged), you’ll get penalized and can lose some money.

Pricing your shoes on GOAT

GOAT Listing price tool comparison
GOAT’s pricing tool shows you an accurate range of prices, including what price you can sell your shoes immediately at.

The awesome thing about selling on GOAT is it gives you a pricing tool straight away once you answer all their questions, which includes a super handy fee calculator.

Super simple shipping
Unlike with eBay where the price for shipping varies greatly depending how far you send it (a common range is between $9 all the way up to nearly $30 for shipping a typical 4lb box), GOAT makes it easy with flat rate shipping with UPS that’s always set at $5 which is deducted as a seller’s fee. On top of all that, they show you straight away how much profit you’ll make after fees, making it super handy to forecast profits and quickly compare the price on GOAT against your other options. 

Partnership with GOAT, Flight Club and Foot Locker

flight club goat merge acquisition
Two greats merge, Flight Club and GOAT

In February of 2018, OG sneaker consignment store Flight Club merged with the GOAT Group in a $60 million dollar deal.

This partnership had no effect on users, as you can see on the official statement on GOAT’s website here. 

Now that the two companies are together, nothing really has changed for the customer experience in either establishment, but behind the scenes, both companies are more powerful than ever before.

More recently, in February of 2019, one of the biggest and most well established shoe retailers, Foot Locker, invested $100 million to further solidify the presence of GOAT and Flight Club in the sneaker resale market, now estimated to be between $3 billion and $5 billion, which is surprisingly made up mostly of individual self made sellers.

A Wrap Up of the Pros and Cons of using GOAT to sell your valuable shoe collection

Here’s a quick wrap up for your convenience:


• Speedy sales and easy shipping

• Clear pricing suggestions

• Cheap flat rate shipping for anywhere and fixed fees for easy financial projection


• Strict on seller reputation

• Shoe eview process sometimes stingy

• Longer to get paid

For a more extensive pricing guide, check out our post here which includes reviews of StockX, eBay and more. 

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