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10/19/2017 ~ JVG

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If it is within your sights in 2018 to begin reselling sneakers seriously, prepare for a year round venture. You will face ups and downs, but if you’re a beginner at this game of flipping shoes, it is much better motivation to see success right out of the gate than to be met with hardship or slower than expected sales. Timing is everything, so if you want to get off to an excellent start in your shoe resale business, get in during one of the 3 hottest seasons of the year to start selling kicks.

Here are the 3 best seasons in 2018 (or any year for that matter) to flip kicks.

1. Holiday season

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you will remember how the most important time of year for business sales is during the last quarter of the year. I remember working at the mall, and aside from the Christmas music playing way too early (around Halloween), huge pressure was present from management to get ready for big numbers. This is such a hot season that there is an entire post detailing the exact models to buy this past season of 2017. Similar opportunities are sure to present themselves in 2018 and onwards.

People are simply in buying mode at this time of year. Everyone is getting ready to buy gifts for family or thinking of ways to spend their end of the year bonus. Retailers of all kind are capitalizing on this trend and gearing up to sell their best stuff. For those brands that sell shoes, this is the time to release the good stuff. So, not surprisingly, brands including Adidas and the Nike Jordan brand are releasing desirable kicks that will sell out quickly and command higher aftermarket prices than normal.

Adidas is a brand to watch for sure during this time in 2017. This year there are 3 Yeezy’s coming out during the months of November and December. Last year was a similar amount of Yeezy’s in the same timeframe, so it’s safe to say that this was a trend you can bet on. Each pair of these Kanye West designed shoes will present an opportunity to roughly triple your money on $200.

Nike is also releasing a Doernbecher collaboration, including a highly anticipated, first time ever, Nike Air Vapormax Doernbecher which will certainly bring on hot resale prices. Watch out for some hot end of the year Jordans too. Last year we had the re-release of the Space Jam 11s, this year there is a hot lineup of kicks including the Air Jordan 5 premiums at $400 and the Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 96”.

air jordan 11 win like 96
Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96: Courtesy

2. All Star Weekend

All star weekend shoes
All Star Weekend 2018, courtesy

Although the sneaker aftermarket has branched out in many directions of functionality and fashion as a streetwear staple, its roots are undeniably in basketball. It can be argued that Michael Jordan, one of the most legendary basketball players to live, created the frenzy surrounding sneakers.

One of the most celebrated times of the year in basketball happens halfway through the season in the middle of February. This is All Star Weekend. A huge amount of eyeballs, both old fans and new, are drawn to the game and inevitably the culture that goes along with it. People are primed to dive in by buying tickets to these games, or if they can’t attend them in person, watching them on TV and probably buying the hot shoes that Nike will inevitably offer during this weekend. In 2015, Nike dropped the Mirror Foamposites which resold around at the time for $1,000 a piece, and each following season has had its share of highly valued sneakers. Be on the look out in 2018 to get your hands of some of these shoes to make cash.
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3. Summer time

People save to spend in summer (

People are simply ready to spend their cash during the summer. Whether it’s on vacations or just going out, people want fresh outfits to show off and to have fun in. Although historically there has not been a consistent or predictable exact schedule of valuable shoes like there is in the holiday season or All Star Weekend, the market is still hot.

For the past couple years there has been a pair of Yeezys that have released in the summer. In addition to brand new shoes to sell, this is also a good time to dive into the market of selling used shoes for cash using tools like Craigslist, OfferUp, or using local sneaker reselling groups. Summer is a good time to grow your existing shoe business or to keep an eye out for a hot new release to act on.

Well that is all for now, as stated earlier, selling sneakers is a year round business if you are absolutely serious about it. It is worth knowing what the best seasons are to either start or to grow your business, and that’s why I wanted to share this information.

For more info on the specifics of how to actually obtain these kicks, check out the Hypemaster Playbook.

Take care and as always, I wish you all the best!

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