Top Valuable Sneakers to Get in First Quarter of 2018

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02/06/2018 ~ JVG

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NBA All Star Weekend 2018 is upon us. This iconic weekend full of festivities is being held in Los Angeles in the Staples Center.

It is certainly a huge time to celebrate for basketball fans, but also, we’re coming up on one of the best opportunistic times of the year for those who flip kicks: this weekend also coincides with one of the hottest seasons to resell shoes in 2018, or any year for that matter.

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February kicked off strong with the Air Foampositie One Alternate Galaxy. With resale prices north of $1,000 and a retail of $230, this sneaker is proving in fact that Jordans are getting harder to buy and the resale value is going up in 2018 compared to last year.

Don’t sweat it too much if you missed out on this resale opportunity as this month will prove to have many more, with good forecasted profit potentials, although not nearly as much as the best month of the year to resell streetwear.

Since the time of this writing in the beginning of 2018, many new releases have come out, but these shoes that have dropped in the past are definitely classics and pay back to the history of the Jordan brand, with slight modern touches from Adidas

Here are were top shoe resale opportunities to go after in the beginning of 2018: 

February 2018

Air Jordan Retro 1 NRG Metallic Gold : Saturday, February 10 2018

The 2018 Metallic Gold Air Jordan 1 OG NRG
The 2018 Metallic Gold Air Jordan 1. Image from

For those that missed out on the Air Jordan 1 Metallic Gold, which had original highs of over $1,000 per pair during their release in Complexcon and a resale value of around $600 per pair in their re-release in November, you’ll now have a third try at these. It’s worth noting though that this pair has a slightly different style code, but they’re pretty much clones so their hype is real. Although the profits will likely not be what they were last year, you should expect at least a 100% return per pair that you’re able to get.

Air Jordan Retro 3 All Star White Cement “Free Throw Line”: Wednesday, February 14 2018

Air Jordan 3 2018 All Star NRG White Cement
The Air Jordan 3 All Star NRG White Cement. (????: :

Last released in 2011 with a resale value that is double the retail price, this Air Jordan 3 is certainly worth going after as it is a highly sought after colorway and is releasing on a notable date: the day of the NBA All Star Game, which is Valentine’s Day every year.

This is a new version of the shoes that Michael Jordan wore during his iconic free throw line dunk picture. Any shoe that has such history has respect and thus a sure collectible.

SI Michael Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk jordan 3 2018
The iconic Michael Jordan Free Throw Line dunk shows MJ rocking a pair of white Air Jordan 3’s. Picture taken by Walter Iooss Jr. for Sports Illustrated.


Interesting note: these shoes are similar in appearance to the Air Jordan 3’s that Justin Timberlake rocked during the Superbowl halftime show on February 4th, but with the classic 3 design that does not include the Nike Swoosh mark. The Justin Timberlake 3’s were released via the Nike SNKRS App and are selling for around $2,000 currently. Be on the lookout for a wider release of these Jordans.

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Air Jordan Retro 8 OVO White: Friday, February 16 2018

Air Jordan 8 OVO White 2018.
Air Jordan 8 OVO White 2018.

Drake’s OVO Record label has had a number of collaborations with Nike, all of them being smash hits. The Air Jordan 8 White colorway of these OVO J’s is super clean and highly coveted among sneakerheads and Drake fans alike.

This may be one of the last pairs that hit rapper Drake will do with Nike, as strong rumors seem to confirm 100% that he will in fact leave Nike for the brand with three stripes, Adidas. 

Air Jordan Retro 17 “Solefly”: Friday, February 16 2018

Air Jordan 17 "Solefly" 2002 2018 Release
The AJ 17 “Solefly” in a bold lightning yellow color. Image courtesy

This is a close clone of an iconic shoe worn during Michael Jordan’s 2002 All Star Game in a time when he was a player for the Washington Wizards. A rumor has been brewing regarding this release since over 1 year ago, and a buzz that goes on for this long correlates strongly with high prices. Historic prices of the 2002 variation of this shoe hover around the $700 level.

Air Jordan Retro 3 OG “Black Cement”: Saturday, February 17 2018

Air Jordan 3 OG Black Cement courtesy

The sneaker that started it all, this shoe easily holds first place for a majority of sneaker lovers. Michael Jordan nearly passed on the deal with Nike, but when he was so impressed with Tinker Hatfield’s design and execution of the shoe that he inked a deal for more than 10 more simultaneous models with the brand. Here are a few tips on how you can get these shoes.

Adidas x Pharrell NMD HU Trail “Deepest Purple”: Friday, February 23 2018

yeezy mafia Adidas NMD Hu Trail Pharrell 2018 Deepest Purple
Adidas NMD Hu Trail Pharrell 2018 Deepest Purple. Image courtesy Yeezy Mafia

We can’t forget Adidas, who seemingly against all odds has surpassed the market share of the Jordan brand in 2017.  A hit every single time for shoe lovers everywhere, the NMD Human Race is coming out yet again in its trail variation in a bold Deep Purple.

Adidas x Pharrell NMD HU Trail “Blank Canvas”: Friday, February 23 2018

yeezy mafila Pharrell NMD HU Trail 2018 Blank Canvas
Pharrell NMD HU Trail 2018 Blank Canvas. Courtesy Yeezy Mafia.

For those of more conservative tastes, an off white “blank canvas” colorway is releasing the very same day, so you’ll have 2 chances to get your hands on these fire kicks.


Adidas Dame 4 “BAPE” Pack: Saturday, February 24 2018

The Bape x Adidas Dame 4 Camo
The Bape x Adidas Dame 4 in Green camo, set to drop February 2018. Image via


BAPE is a legendary Japanese streetwear brand born in the early 90’s by fashion icon Nigo. Any time a Bape shoe drops, it’s sure to command top dollar. Kanye chose Bape as one of his very first shoe collaborations. Adidas last released Bape NMD’s for a mere $150 retail and was reselling at a peak of over $1000 and still to this day has a market value of over $600, which is a 400% increase over its original consumer price. Here, Damian Lillard, AKA Dame, is dropping a bold collaboration complete with signature A Bathing Ape teeth and patchwork letters. Retail again is $150 and you’ll have 2 shots at this shoe in both green and black camo.

Air Jordan Retro 1 “Bred Toe”: Saturday, February 24 2018ebay early pair air jordan bred toe 1

The eBay listing for the early pair of Air Jordan Bred Toe 1’s from Eastbay. A lucky customer was accidentally shipped an early pair of these shoes, which he quickly put on eBay for $10,000. At an expected profit of nearly 100x, I don’t blame him! The general release definitely won’t command such astronomical prices, but expect to make a good margin off of this drop.

Nike Air Max 98 “Gundam”: Saturday, February 24 2018

The Nike Air Max 98 making a comeback in its very first color combo. Image via

The Air Max 98 is making a 20 year anniversary comeback in a big way, releasing in its original colorway. This blast to the past is gaining a lot of attention from sneakerheads nationwide. At a retail price of $160, there’s room to make some dollars on these kicks in the aftermarket.

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Air Jordan 1 “Off White” White: Tuesday, February 27 2018

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Off-White 2018 in White by Virgil Abloh. Via

Fashion influencer Virgil Abloh is at it again with the Air Jordan 1 “Off White”, rolling out a colorway that’s, well, kind of off-white. Prices won’t be at the level of the original OW AJ1’s, but tripling your money on these should be guaranteed.

March 2018

Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail “Holi Pink Glow”: Friday, March 16 2018

Adidas hu trail pharrell holi pink
The Holi Pink Hu Trails, from

Pharrell and Adidas continue to bless us with more chances to cop this hot pair of shoes. Here we have a bold “Pink Glow” colorway that is expected to have 100%+ profit margins (meaning that you would double your money) on the $250 shoe. This is part of the “Holi” collection, a reference to the super colorful Indian holiday, the Holi Festival of Colors that will happen on March 1 and 2 this year.

Although the original release was set to happen on time with the Holi festival, Adidas just updated the release day last second. The Holi NMD Hu Trail will now release in India only on March 2 and release to the rest of the world, including the US, Canada, and Europe, on March 16.

Insider’s Tip: Rescheduled releases happen quite a bit with hot shoes, more so with Adidas than with Nike.

Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail “Holi”: Friday, March 16 2018

The rainbow cloud shoe: Adidas x Pharrell "Holi" NMD HU Trail
The rainbow cloud shoe: Adidas x Pharrell “Holi” NMD HU Trail. From

Definitely for the bold, and right at home at a music festival like Coachella, this shoe is probably the closest thing to wearing a galactic rainbow on your feet than any other sneaker to release, ever. Although you may look at these thinking that you won’t wear them, or especially that adult men wouldn’t be caught rocking them, don’t doubt the hype and expect to make about $200 if you’re able to secure one of these shoes for retail.

Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”: Sunday, March 18 2018

Air Jordan 12 "Taxi" 2018
2018 Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”. Source:

This one is a modern update on a classic Jordan. Way back in 1996, the original “Taxi” Jordan 12 dropped with much hype. The last time we saw a release of this colorway was in 2013. You may not make a lot of money reselling this shoe, but it’s definitely a classic worth knowing about and you can expect some profit if you’re able to secure and sell these right on the release day.

Air Jordan 12 “Vanchetta Tan”: Friday, March 23 2018

Air Jordan 12 2018 women's vanchetta tan
Air Jordan 12 2018 women’s exclusive Vanchetta tan. Image source:

A female exclusive release, part of Nike’s new WMNS collection, don’t be surprised if guys with smaller feet or male teenagers buy these to rock for themselves. Not a massive profit to be had, but you can make about a $30-50 profit on top of the $190 price tag.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Game Royal”: Saturday, March 24 2018

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Game Royal" 2018
Image Source:

Similar to the “Bred Toe” Jordan, these “Game Royal” are a remix on a past hot colorway. The Air Jordan 1 Royal remain one of the most valuable Jordan out there, and this little sibling of the past great will make you some cash on top of the $160 retail.

Air Jordan 3 “Tinker NRG”: Saturday, March 24 2018

2018 early release Air Jordan 3 retro tinker hatfield
The price tag as of February 25 2018 for some early release pairs of the highly anticipated shoes. From

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday the 24th because it has not just one but 2 hot retro jordan drops: in addition to the AJ1, it includes the AJ3.

The Air Jordan 3 was first designed by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, and was the shoe that won Michael Jordan over to partner with the brand. It set the trend for future Jordans to not have the signature Nike swoosh on its side as every other Nike shoe had before. Supposedly, Tinker had considered putting a swoosh on the side but ended up scrapping the idea.

Now, over 20 years later, he’s coming back and slapping the signature Nike logo on the side. It’s never too late for second chances.

Considering the hype that the first swoosh added Jordan 3’s had, the Justin Timberlake Superbowl 3’s, you should feel like you won the lottery when you get these at the $200 retail.

Yeezy 500 Desert Rat: March 2018

Kim Kardashian Desert rat 500
Kim Kardashian wearing an early pair of the Desert rat 500. From YeezyTalkWorldwide on Twitter

Kanye West has had his ups and recent downs with the Yeezy brand. Original Adidas x Kanye designs like the 350 boost have seen sharp declines since their debut. Newer models however, like the Yeezy 700 Waverunner command the massive 300% profit margins that we are used to from Yeezys for the resale market. Kim Kardashian teased these last year on her Instagram. If you know how to get these Yeezy’s for retail, you’ll easily triple your money on the $200 price tag.



Just getting one pair each of these shoes amounts to a profit of over $2,000 in one month. Imagine having the insider knowledge to secure multiple pairs and to buy other streetwear like Supreme and Palace. You can either keep dreaming or take action, it’s your choice. As this sneaker market shows, making money doesn’t have to be an hourly struggle, it can be easy and fun!

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Be sure to read it over and over again to let the information soak into your brain so you can become a natural at sniffing out opportunities like these every single month.

2018 started off strong as is getting even stronger as this second quarter going into the summer has some of the hottest and most expensive shoes yet, including multiple pairs of Off-White Nikes releasing that you still have the chance to get if you have the knowledge.